Mike Adams (left) and Greg Kelley 

Mr. Kelley was convicted in 2014 of molesting a toddler and spent three years in prison until discoveries by Adams on Kelley's cellphone led to his exoneration. (Photo: Courtesy of Mike Adams)

A police detective who never followed all the leads, a conflicted defense attorney who cried so uncontrollably she did not discuss appeal options after the “midnight verdict” of guilt, and a jury who convicted without any physical evidence at all.   Read More from Forensic Magazine...


As the result of a long-time dispute between Serbia and Kosovo an armed conflict between the two nations arose in 1998. Kosovo had been retaliating against Serb intrusions and Serbian President Slobodan Milosevic. To facilitate that effort, they formed a loosely organized para-military group, the Kosovo Liberation Army, or the KLA. The Serbian response was to send in their forces which consisted of Milosevic’s Special Police (VJ) and elements of the standing Serbian Army (MUP).   Read More...

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