Our certified expert examiners are able to recover data from computers, cell phones, cameras, and many other devices with digital memory. To do this we utilize the same tools as Law Enforcement, Government Agencies, Consultants, and Corporations world-wide use. Some of which are…



Prime Focus Forensics has worked on countless important and high profile projects. From international projects as far as Kosovlo investigating the "War of Ethnic Cleansing, the exoneration of  Mr. Greg Kelley that made national news, to a local mother left with virtually nothing by an ex spouse, every single case we accept is just as important as any other. Click below to read a couple of our projects. 


Prime Focus Forensics is a Digital Forensics solution provider and licensed Private Investigative firm owned and operated by Charles M. “Mike” Adams, EnCE. Our team has a combined 100 years experience and training as digital forensics examiners and expert witnesses. In August 2017 our testimony was instrumental in exonerating a twenty-four year old man who had spent three plus years in prison after being wrongfully convicted of the super aggravated sexual assault of a child. Due to the precise and scientific nature of digital forensics we were able to prove that our client was elsewhere when the crime occurred. Subsequently, Judge Donna King of Williamson county, found our client “Actually Innocent”. This finding, as opposed to the alternative finding of ‘Not Guilty”, makes the subject eligible for financial compensation from the State.


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