One Number - All Phones

Mr. Mike OKelly - aka - "Cell Tower Mike" - "Mike and I have been consulting with one another on computer, cell phone, and cell tower forensics for about ten years. During that time he has deeply impressed me with his knowledge and integrity. He is an avid pursuer of the truth, the whole truth. Were I in court Mike would be the one I want on my side.

"I did tell the therapist and my husband last night, my idea and your willingness to present the information to all of us and they both liked the idea.  I am so thankful that you are willing to present the material!  Your expertise will give credibility to this entire process!  In addition, to elevating me from having to explain things that I don’t really understand." Anonymous by request

​Commander Billy Fulton, Texas Department of Public Safety, retired - "Since I began working with Mike more than 15 years ago he has risen to every challenge and gone out of his way every time to assist his clients". Billy is the former regional commander for the Western division (Border Region) of the Texas Department of Public Safety. He founded the Internet child pornography prosecution unit within the Texas Attorney General's Office.
Mrs. Angie Fussell - MaCuk - "Mike is our "go to" forensics guy for  finding spyware on computers, cell phones, cameras, anything digital. He gets the information we need for our clients, is very professional, and has never let us down." Angie is the owner of She Spies Private Eye Inc. She offers very discrete and effective services is a licensed private investigator. We have worked together on a variety of cases with very successful outcomes.
Mr. Ryan Deck, Deck Law Firm, Criminal Defense Attorney - "Mike and I recently worked a capital murder case together. I was blown away by his patience and ability to make complex concepts easy to understand. In addition, he was always available and work within whatever time frame was asked of him. I strongly recommend Mike. He is a pleasure to work with and his expertise in teaching ability makes him a top notch expert in the field."



"Mike, I considered a lot of other computer people; but when you called me I felt your empathy for the gravity of the situation.  It wasn’t just a job ticket, there were humans with emotions behind the task, there was a need for objectivity and fairness, this was a search for truth not a vendetta. " Anonymous by request

"My wife was not the person I thought she was. I used to think I was somehow doing something wrong because she seemed so distant. Now I know the truth. Thank you." ​Anonymous by request
"The information you found on my husband's computer was shocking, but it was what we needed to know. Now I can make the right decisions for my children and myself." Anonymous by request
Mr. Chip Naus, Attorney at Law, Shreveport, LA - "Mike – on referrals, you deserve them. Your work is excellent. Thanks. I look forward to working with you on many projects in the future."
We are pleased to present the following attorneys, colleagues, private investigators, and clients that we have worked with during the last 20 years. 

All personal client testimonials will remain anonymous.