The term "Computer Forensics" has been replaced with the term "Digital Forensics" which refers to devices with a digital memory. This can include computers,  cell phones, tablets, music players, cameras, GPS units, and more.  We access all of these devices in a manner that does not damage the device or alter the data in any way. We have the tools to examine not just one brand of cell phones, but multiple brands to include Androids, iPhones, Windows phones, and more.

In the State of Texas, and many other states, there is a law requiring all non Law Enforcement Digital Forensic Examiners to be fully licensed Private Investigators. Our Texas Department of Public Safety license is A17351. 

We enjoy a long history of working with attorneys as investigators and expert witnesses on a wide variety of cases. One of our recent highlights involved being appointed by a State Court Judge to be one of two forensic examiners to examine the hard drive of the work computer belonging to a local, sitting, District Attorney. Our findings, confirmed by our Law Enforcement collegues, found the digital evidence proving that this DA had withheld exculpatory evidence in a capital murder trial.  In a following trial the State Judge found the DA was guilty.

Our initial one hour consultation is free. If you think your cell phone or computer might have Spyware on board do not use that device to contact us. Use a land line phone or use the contact form on our "Contact Us" page.

Digital Forensic investigators


We can recover that data, often including the deleted data, and format it into an easy to understand report that can be used in court. We offer expert witness testimony and we are fully certified, licensed, and insured.

We recover digital data from computers, cell phones, and other digital devices such as cameras, tablets, GPS devices, and more. Data can spread into literally thousands of places on your cell phone, computer, tablet, digital camera, etc... 



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