The "War of Ethnic Cleansing" as ordered by Slobadan Milosevic, who was President of Serbia in 1999, has been compared to Hitler's treatment of Jews in WWII. It was a violent and one sided war designed to purge not only people, but also was an effort to eradicate all records of their existence. It is important to note that the majority of Serbian's did not want or support this war. In  April of 2001 the new government of Serbia ordered Milosevic's arrest which was carried out local police forces despite Serbian Army resistance. 

In 2000 Mike  joined with other professionals and volunteers  working for the United Nations Mission In Kosovo (U.N.M.I.K.) . We were there to reestablish ground and microwave communications destroyed in the war and to  perform digital forensic investigations of computers and cell phones abandoned by Serbian forces fleeing in the face of NATO forces. The Italian Air Force  transported us to combat air strip in the heart of Kosovo that all of the natives had nicknamed "Gunsmoke" after the olf American TV show of the same name. The name was due to the fact  that the area was hot, dusty, and dangerous. 

In fact almost everyone we met in Kosovo was comparing it to the days of the old "Wild West ''. It was a very dangerous place to be in 2000 as Mike was soon to learn.


One Number - All Phones